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How Does Someone Become a Professional Walleye Fisherman

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The first thing you need to understand about becoming a professional walleye fisherman is that you have to actively fish for walleye for many years. Becoming a professional does not come overnight. You need to activity fish for walleye and have many catches under your belt. You start out fishing with friends and along the way. You enter tournaments that are sponsored by local communities and see how you fair against the others. Winning one or two tournaments will help you get closer to becoming a professional. You will need all the right tackle and rods as well as reels in order to be able to fish all the different waters for walleye.

The more years you have and the knowledge that you gain from fishing will help you become a better angler. You should think about fishing, dream fishing and live fishing to become a professional. You should be a competitor in walleye fishing nearly fulltime. That will mean that you can spend at least six hours a day fishing and learning all about fishing for walleye. You will read books and magazines about walleyes. You will have an understanding about how walleye live as well as what makes them strike or not strike.

Start promoting yourself as a professional by writing articles about your experiences on different lake or rivers. Give good advice and recommendations. Pick up some advertising jobs from manufacturers of lures and start promoting. The more you put your name out there for walleye fishing and promoting different fishing equipment, the more you will grow in name for recognition. You might even start doing some local radio fishing reports as well as newspaper fishing reports. Keep fishing and discovering new adventures on different lakes and rivers. Share your stories and tribulations with other anglers.

That is just one way to become a professional walleye fisherman. Another way is to keep fishing and gaining more catches and trophy fish to your tournament wins. You can tour around the country entering tournaments and when you start winning, you will start gaining more insight into walleye fishing. People will start looking to you for tips and tricks as to how you do it. This is a boost for your career as a professional walleye fisherman. It does take time to catch and win the tournaments, but you do also learn more as you go along.

You need to get all your affairs in order to become a professional angler. You need to have sponsors and the money needed to take care of you while you are in tournaments. You should also get to know some influential people at the marinas. This will help with you boat and any mechanical needs you may have arise. If you are going to be a professional, never second-guess yourself. You are the best and you need to believe that at all times. Becoming a professional is like being self-employed. This is not a typical job, but it is a job that you enjoy doing and have fun doing.


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